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Have you Been a victim?


We have reason to believe that many customers may have fallen victim to Paul Godding, the named director of PRG Construction Ltd and AA Landscaping Ltd. Companies that he allegedly plans on closing. (The closing of their websites would support this)

Over £100k taken from victims 

These include customers, suppliers and friends, who've all fallen for Paul's lies and excuses.

Having received information which suggest the actions of Mr Godding may amount to fraud, we are gathering information as part of our investigation. We are using this website to gather information from other customers/victims so we can ascertain whether their actions are criminal or simply just breach of contract or consumer laws. Read our story below.

The Investigator

This page is hosted by an ex Police Detective. I have 13 years of investigative experience, having investigated crimes ranging from minor thefts and frauds to robbery, burglary, rape, murder, child sexual exploitation and more. Over that period I received 5 commendations for my detective ability.


Fraud is often a crime where police simply cannot allocate resources, especially where the singular amount of a fraud may be fairly low. However frauds with multiple victims, or where the majority of the evidence is already gathered and presented may be deemed in the public interest to investigate. This is where I come in. Having been a victim of Paul Godding, I am happy to report any potential crimes on your behalf (with your permission) and gather the evidence (statements, copies of documents and any other exhibits) ready to provide a full investigation to be handed over to the police. I am doing this because if the companies are dissolved (bankrupt) there is little that can be done in a civil court, but criminal matters can request victim compensation. If convicted of a criminal offence it will also hinder his opportunities to do this to other clients in the future.

Our Story

In April 2021 I met Mr Godding at my home address, he provided quotes for 2 services; Landscaping (by AA Landscaping) and groundworks construction (by PRG Construction). To cut a long story short work was started 2 weeks later than agreed, and 5 weeks after it started neither part of the work was completed and Paul and his team were never seen again.

At the time of writing (23rd June) 6 weeks has passed since anyone was on site and we have job half finished but over £15k given to Mr Godding. During their absence Mr Godding repeatedly asked for additional funds, even going so far as to add costs to the original quote. 

Within the sparse communication with Mr Godding he has given various excuses:





Staffing Issues

Supply Issues

plus more

It has since been brought to our attention that Mr Godding has knowingly lied to me (and other clients) whilst still taking money, and/or asking for money for services or goods that he has had no intention of supplying but promising to do so.

There are a couple of different laws that may have been broken (remember this is currently an allegation), but most likely the offence I will investigate on your behalf is Fraud By False Representation. A person is guilty of this if he dishonestly  makes a false representation and intends, by making the representation to make a gain for himself, or to cause loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss.

Fraud Act 2006

If not then we will gather evidence showing breaches of contract and consumer laws.

What Next?

Report your story below. Put as much or as little detail as you like.

Don't feel like you have to put any personal information, I can meet you in person and provide proof of my credentials before hand if you wish.

  • Keep copies of any conversations you have had with Mr Godding or members of his company.

  • If you have CCTV at your home (like we do) download and save it. 

  • Download phone messages / whatsapp messages etc

  • Take photos of incomplete works

  • Save proof of payments to Mr Godding or his colleagues

  • Download or copy all documents/quotes that have been provided

  • Keep anything relating to anything to do with Mr Godding or his companies, we can review it later and see if it is relevant to our investigation.

  • Other option besides Police action may be available too if needed. Such as Rogue traders, local media, trading standards etc.

At this point I am gathering details of potential victims, or witnesses. This will include current or previous customers, suppliers, colleagues and others. 

To help with this, share this page on your local community social media pages or your own personal page.


All the information you submit below will remain confidential and will not be passed onto anyone, including the police until your permission is given. By providing the information you are not required to take any futher action and can withdraw any consent at any time.

Report your story

Thanks for submitting!

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