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If you wish to report a Fraud yourself you can do so online, it's simply and easy to do. The police will then contact you if needed.

Remember the Definition

Fraud By False Representation.

A person is guilty of this if he dishonestly  makes a false representation and intends, by making the representation to make a gain for himself, or to cause loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss.

An example of this would be if someone stated to you that they had ordered items and requested money from you. 

A simple check by the police of that persons financial accounts and emails would show whether or not that order was made and paid for. If it wasn't, and that person knew that it wasn't, that person has made a false representation intending to make a gain himself and cause you a loss. It doesn't matter if you didn't hand any money over, the intent was there and crime committed.

When you report it, make sure you explain he's likely to be reported by others too so they can link the crimes.

They will also link it to any crimes that may have falsely been reported by the accused. 

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